Commission Examples


A painting is not a photographic reproduction but rather a creative way of capturing the essence of the emotional response to the subject matter.  Specific details are important (especially in portraits), however the background can be enhanced to set the atmosphere.  The client or artist may have one or more reference photos or ideas to draw from, however the concept sketch will unify all the elements into the final form for the painting.  Where the painting will hang is important when thinking about the overall design and color desired by the client.  Watercolor or oil painting can be the clients preference and truly customized for the client.   Progress photos from conception through the painting process will be emailed to the client. 

How it works:

1. A completion time will be determined along with a price and payment agreement. 

2. The artist will paint the subject matter in his best way for the project.

Please feel free to contact the artist for a preliminary price estimate. Commissions start from $150 for a small watercolor unframed.  We look forward to hearing from you